Twelve Fridays

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Available on 8/6/2021 EDT
A graffiti artist punishes a small Midwestern town for its hypocrisy by posting visual reminders of their transgressions. The town becomes the central character for everyone's peccadilloes. Old enmities are revived as residents have their skeletons dragged out of the closet. They're unable to identify the culprit because their sins are all public knowledge. The town is populated with jealous lovers, hidden pregnancies, stolen property, corrupt officials, and a Town Bully who finally meets his match. Sexual undertones reveal voyeurs, exhibitionists, infidelity, preferences, and all the stock characters who live in America's small towns. Only one graffiti is a lie - and it leads to a shooting that settles the Graffiti Artist's score with the town.


Written by Stephen Floyd

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