Peter the Possessed



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Available on 8/6/2021 EDT
The Fear and anguish present in today's world has led to a dramatic increase in people claiming demonic possession. In the U.S. over the past 10 years, the number of official priest exorcisms has more than quadrupled. The Catholic church has responded to this phenomenon by teaching more priests the latest techniques on exorcising demonic spirits. In April 2018, over 250 Priests from 51 countries assembled at the Vatican in Rome to learn the ancient practice of exorcism. Among them, a renowned exorcist priest from Ireland who now travels the world on a mission to cast out evil. In 2019 he performed over 100 Exorcisms. This is the story of ONE


Directed by Gillian Naughton

Written by Gillian Naughton

Produced by Gillian Naughton

Cast Cara Loften
Liam Carty
Harry McCrory

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